The Grateful Undead

The Greatful Undead

This coming Wednesday (23 March 2016) is AWT’s (a Woman’s Touch) monthly Vampire Ball.

I’m DJing from 2-4 PM (SL time) and I have an idea for a set.  I’m going call it the “Grateful Undead.”  The title has a double meaning.  The “Undead” is appropriate because it is a Vampire Ball, of course.  However, this is not just any Grateful Deadset.

I’m going to go deep into the vault and find those Dead tunes that you just never hear, or are rather obscure, yet they are great songs.  This will be a Grateful Dead set but you won’t hear Truckin’Casey Jones or any of the tunes you’d expect to hear in a Grateful Dead retrospect.  There will be nothing from Skeletons from the Closet or the “Best of” collections.  Hence, it is an “Undead” set.

So, come out of the tomb or dig your way out of your grave and join us this Wednesday from 2-4 PM for our special Grateful Undead set.

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