Woodstock at AWT, August 15-17


This weekend marks the 45th Anniversary of the original Woodstock Music & Art Fair in Bethel, NY.  Last year we began a tradition at AWT and we live the Woodstock experience for the weekend.  Sure there are microbuses and porta potties.  There is garbage and brown acid.  There is mud and then there is…

 THE MUSIC!  The music is what it is all about.  DJ Sue has collected recording of this concert for decades.  This weekend, she will present 21 hours of the concert (about 84% of the known material) in its proper historical order.

If you missed the original in 1969, this might just be your best chance to experience the original Woodstock in cyberspace with us at AWT.  A number of people who attended last year said that in a way they now felt like they were there. 

On this page you will not only find the times, but I have printed the entire sit list for this weekend.  Furthermore, if you scroll past the massive set list, you will find interesting moments you will hear this weekend, like when the Dead blow their amplifiers or Pete Townsend of the Who hits Abbie Hoffman over the head with his guitar.  Each even is explain and an approximate to the minute time that you will hear it this weekend.

So pack up your car or micro-bus.  Drive as far as you can down the SL Thruway, then abandon your car and hike the rest of the way to a 

Woman’s Touch.  When you get here, the chain link fence is down on the west side of the concert field.  It’s a free concert.  Roll out your 

sleeping bag and enjoy the Woodstock Music and Arts Fair, an Aquarian Exposition: 3 Days of Peace & Music.


NB: Click on the following pics to enlarge in a new window!

(Day 1, Gudrun)

(Day 1, Lena)

(Day 3, Lena)

(Day 3, Lena)

(AWT babes, Des)

(Ash trying to sweep the ground, Des)

(Avoiding the mud, Des)

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