Ashra (Queen of AWT)


If I am on it I am likely at AWT. Although I stay pretty busy, I am usually up for playing music when the house radio doesn’t cover the mood or when one of our scheduled DJ’s is sick. I have a lot of classics from the 60's, 70's, 80's and a sprinkling of 90's and recent stuff. I play albums also (i.e. “Best of Queen”). 

When you are in the mood for something different, hit me up - chances are I’ll be happy to play something a little different from the normal fare.



HI, I’m DJ Destiny or “Des” as most people call me. I was a DJ long before I knew SL existed. I started as an online radio DJ with Circle of Friends Radio, which sadly no longer exists. My former boss and friend there taught me all I know about being a DJ, using a software program known as SAM. 

I please my listeners by playing a wide range of music. I am still rather new to the music world so I am always learning about new music and adding to my library. I can be heard at a Woman’s Touch in SL any night of the week from 4-6 PM SLT. I’ve come a very long way in SL, as a DJ, thanks to my boss, Ashra, my Aunt Maya and my mother, Sue. I’d like to thank them for giving me a chance to shine. 


Feliciana "Maya" Zabaleta

Vedui my Friends

Turning back the clock a bit, Back on January 15, 2008, I came to A Womans Touch on my 3rd day of Second Life and have been part of the staff ever since that time. I started out as a hostess and then decided to try my hand at being a DJ a year or so later, then became a General Manager.

In the nearly 7 years that I have been a part of AWT, many changes have come our way but the one thing that never changes is the love that Ashra puts into keeping the islands alive and fun. I have enjoyed the many fun years here of sharing music, making people happy and my all time favorite past time is making sure everyone gets to hear the favorite songs, that is what makes it all worthwhile and fun. 

I am the longest, continuous daily DJ here and that in itself speaks of the fun and enjoyment I have and love to share.

So please stop on by and tune in. My song range from the 1950's through the 1980's with many 1960's and 70's classics. My usual time is 2 until 4 pm and always love to see new faces and the regulars who make the sets fun.

Maya Shadowhawk



Hi hi! I'm Jazaar, usually known as Jaz or Jazzy to my friends and family at AWT. I sub for other DJ's when they have another commitment. I play a variety of music, from '60s - '70s - '80s rock, to big band, new age, blues, classical, and sometimes just downright eclectic. Hope to see you soon at AWT!


Kiana Orellana

DJ Kai


I am Kaijana (Kiana) Shadowhawk. I came to A Womans Touch after my Wife Maya asked me to come and help out and have stayed ever since. I got my musical start years ago in college, when I worked as a disc jockey for a California FM rock station and loved working in the industry. My actual engineering work took me away from that love I had, but coming here brought it all back to me.

I enjoy working with everyone here and really love being able to share the music, some of the fun facts and trivia about the groups and songs I play to keep people entertained and interactive.

Ash and everyone here promote a fun and safe place to be for all us girls, and being a part of this great community has helped me gain a high degree of respect for what Second Life really is all about.

I do hope each of you can drop by and listen in to my sets and the sets of all our wonderful DJ's here.

Namaste & Safe journeys



Sue (Susan Mowadeng)

DJ Sue Tip Pic

Music has always played a large part in Sue’s life.

An FM radio DJ in the early 80s in New England, she moved on to DJ live events. After a long break from DJing, she found Second Life, she rediscovered the joy of sharing music with others—without the hassle of travel and dragging equipment and a dozen crates of records. 

Sue is a featured DJ at a Woman’s Touch Island where she is also a manager, and has DJed at some of SL’s most prestigious events including the Second Pride Festival, Fearless Nation's Be Fearless Festival (Lead DJ in 2011), the Relay for Life  for The American Cancer Society, and more. 

The “DJ Sue” sound is an original, refreshing mix of music genres that gets people moving and grooving.

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