How can I do it?

How do I enlarge and get a copy of a photo?

  1. Double click on a photo.
  2. The photo will now  show the original size on new page.
  3. You may now get a copy on your hard drive by dragging it onto your desktop.
  4. Close the page  - and you will return to the page where you came from.

I want to share a magic time at AWT

The best way to tell friends / other residents about AWT is to share a magic moment in pictures and text. 

  1. Take a screenshot and save it as a texture in SL
  2. Write your text in a notecard.
  3. Send both screenshot and notecard inworld  (IM with attachment) to Lena Haller.

I will show your experience on the „Welcome at AWT“  page.

I want to share a website

Maybe you have found an awesome website which in some way is related to SL - and now you want to share it with friends.

  1. Click at  „Contact Lena“
  2. Fill all fields carefully.
    Your description of why you like that website is very important
  3. Click on  „Send to Lena“ button.

I will show your link on the  „Some interesting links“  page in a working window. (Look at an example at my links)

I want to follow AWT on Twitter

A fast way  to stay informed of events etc at AWT is to follow us on Twitter.

  1. If you haven’t joined Twitter goto  and sign up
  2. Stay logged in on Twitter and click the „Follow“ button in the white box to the left of any AWT page.
  3. If you want to comment on a tweet - you can click  the „Tweet to @AWT_LH“ button in the white box to the left of any AWT page.

Whenever I tweet something - you will now see it on your Twitter website.

PS.  Be smart - use Twitter on your smartphone.
Twitter is part of IOS on iPhone - otherwise check this website for apps for Android and iPhone ➜

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