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On this page I will only show major updates of the web.

Further more there are date stamps at the end of every page for minor changes.


03.09.16: Added special photo album to the blog ➜ 10th Anniversary of AWT

24.10.15: Video „Handfasting“ added to the Blog

07.10.15: Video „Mami & Janet’s wedding“ added to the Blog

04.06.15: Dj Jazzy added

04.06.15: „Attractions and Landmarks“ added

17.03.15: About „Maya’s Flashback Friday"

12.02.15: Video „Wedding of Pebbles & Dexy 10.02.15 "

03.01.15: Jessi M. Mowadeng added as dj and hostess

02.01.15: Added information about Autumn’s "Girls Wanna Rock"

21.12.14: Video „Xmas Pool Party“ added + changed „Archive“ into „Blog“ which doesn’t sound so dusty to me ;-)

18.12.14:  DJ Sue’s blog added to "Some interesting links"

28.11.14: No recipes received :-(  3 pics uploaded in the Archive (Thanksgiving) 

15.11.14: Call for recipes for cooking the turkey at Thanksgiving

01.11.14: Added pictures for the Halloween Party

29.10.14: Added 4 new pics to „AWT in pictures"

19.10.14: Added Autumn to the list of DJ's

25.09.14: Pictures from a party for pirates +  Beach Party + Adding another tip on „How can I do it?"

21.09.14: Renovation of Park Place with 4 pictures

14.09.14: AWT’s  8th Anniversary Party has been added to the archive

13.09.14: Created a new page ‚Quotes’      +      Reorganized the ‚Archive‘ page and added pictures by Des and Lena

18.08.14: Organised a blog page „Archive“. 1st entry: Woodstock weekend at AWT, August 15-17.

17.08.14: As an attempt initiated a web counter („Shiny Stat")

15.08.14: Initial launch of the new website (including Woodstock event, August 15th - 17th)

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