Loving Her - My TG Wife

My heart belongs to one of the most wonderful women in the world. She has opened my heart and mind to more than I ever could have imagined. I have gotten opportunities to grow in ways I never thought possible. She taught me to love myself and what it is like to have another love me unconditionally. She showed me it was ok to be myself with all my quirks, oddness, weirdness and strangeness. She also helped me find myself : I am a gay woman and I can say that with conviction.

My relationship is no different from any other. Essentially it is two people loving and supporting each other in the ways we know how. There are ups and downs, happy times an sad times. The fact we have a relationship through the medium of SL weirder to me than having a transgender partner. 

So what does all this mean. I stated before I'm gay. Some may ask well how can you be gay while your partner is a guy? Others may be thinking well how the hell does all this work, esp the intimate stuff. Well ill try to answer what I can where I can.

She is not a man. She is transgendered. A woman's heart and should found in a man's body. I fell in love with her as a woman, and even knowing what I know now she is just that a woman. For me this is why I still see myself as gay ( a confused gay person at times, but I was before any of  this). Hell any woman who serves on boats the way she does is woman through and through ;) 

So what the hell with the sex stuff right?? My partner is a woman, when I think of her I think of her as a female. I know her outside doesn’t match that but when I look into those eyes I am seeing the soul of a woman when I kiss her lips they are female, when I hold her in my arms she is my wife. This is probably the hardest question because it is so personal. What it is for my relationship will not be the same for others. 

She reminds me everyday why I want this, why I want to be with her and why I couldn’t imagine my life without her.

We are all human beings and should treat each other as such. To sum things up and to make people the sum total of their genders leaves people like my partner feeling worthless. Everyone should be valued for who they are and not what they are.

Just Don’t Be Yourself

This is one of these situations there's so much to write I don't know what to write :)  My partner has already written a perfect description of how our relationship works, so I'll address something more about RL life for me.

A female friend whom I recently told I'm transgender asked me about how men think.  Even though I live and walk among them as one o them, I can't honestly answer that question, because I really don't have the foggiest clue.   There's a nice blueprint provided by society, which I more or less follow.  The mantra is "it will all be fine, just don't be yourself."  Sometimes the mask falls (I really do have a hot pink computer......lol), but mostly it works just fine.  But for me RL really all an act, the only time I can act "natural" is when I'm on SL.  I think this is the hardest for people to understand, that I'm not here play-acting, there's nothing special I need to do to seem more "feminine" other than just being myself.

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