A Woman’s Touch VIP

(Updated 25.06.2009)

A Woman’s Touch uses a variety of titles in addition to the default "AWT Island VIP". Some are elective, some are honorary, and some denote people with special duties at AWT.


AWT Island VIP - Membership in the AWT group is free and has several benefits. You will be allowed to rez objects, you can set home to AWT, you can use the AWT IM channel to ask for assistance, and you will be able to receive group announcements.


Other special titles are:


AWT Island Officer - These players are the AWT officers. Among their abilities, they can eject and ban those (usually men) that are causing disruptions.


AWT Island Manager - Managers tend to the day-to-day running of the Island. They can do most things the owner can do.


AWT Campfire Girl - Many enjoy hanging by the campfire rather than the Dance Floor. Those people can request this title.


AWT Beach Comber - This title is reserved for those that have donated land credits to A Woman’s Touch. They can also invite people to the AWT Group. See: "Land Donation Program".


AWT Gentlemen - This is a rare title given to men that have been supportive of the programs at A Woman’s Touch. Please give them respect as this title is not lightly given.


AWT Island Butch - Given to those who identify as butch and use the words to define their presentation and gender identity rather than strictly the role they play in a relationship.


AWT’s Sexy DJ - Woman’s Touch has its own radio station. During parties or special events Disk Jockeys will give live shows and take requests and dedications. Contact Trac Allen or Bubblez Lemon if you would like to be a AWT DJ. DJ’s are not paid and rely on tips to pay for their time.


AWT’s Sexy Dancer - Up to two dancers may be on duty. Dancers give out information about AWT, greet people, and generally keep chat going. This is a volunteer job so the dancers do appreciate tips.


Queen of AWT - This is reserved for the Owner, Ashra Lang


Miss AWT Tropics and Butch of the Beach - The Island holds an annual contest to select the best and most talented AWT member. These are the titles given to the winners.

Land Donation Program

Our recent expansions have been a great success. The new Tiki Dance Area and wedding chapel are popular additions. I understand that additional land may become available but the monthly maintenance charges are proving a burden even with your continuing donations.

To reduce these charges, please consider donating unused land allocations to AWT. This need not be a permanent donation but depositing idle land credits will help AWT meet its monthly obligations.

Land Donors will receive a special title and will have the power to invite others to the AWT group.

Use the following procedure.’268

Checklist B What you need before you start

A Premium Account.

To have land more landholding capacity (tier) than you have land.

To be a member or officer in a group.

Open your Groups window, either by pulling down the Edit menu and selecting the Groups... option, or right click on yourself and select Groups... from the pie menu that pops up.

Left click on the group you want to donate to, and then click on the Info button. There are a number of tabs across the top. Select the Land tab.

At the bottom of that window, you will see a field marked Your Contribution. Add the amount you wish to donate, and press the Set Contribution button.

Donating tier to a group costs you 10% less than your contribution. So you can actually contribute 10% more than you have. If you have 512, you can donate 563.

Likewise, if you want to reduce your contribution to a group, follow the same process and put in a lower number. Keep in mind that if you take tier away from a group so that it doesn't have enough tier to support the land that the group already owns, the group will only have 7 days to replace that tier. So it is only polite to notify the group leader(s), if at all possible.

IM Ashra Lang if you make a donation.  

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